Monday, November 18, 2013

The Game: Facebook Edition

Remember that movie that came out in '97 called The Game?  Some of my younger readers may not but it's worth checking out.  The appeal of the movie was that it blurred the lines of reality and fiction so much you weren't really sure what you were experiencing at any given time.  Is what's going on real (of course it's not, it's a move; work with me here though) or was it staged by the "CRS".

Facebook has been feeling a lot like The Game recently.  Sometimes you look at a friend's posts and wonder if they're being serious or playing some kinda game.  The number game has been permeating over the last week.  The premise is simple:  The initiator posts a stated number of facts about themselves.  Anyone who likes the post is challenged to post their own with a specified number from the originator.  At least that's how I think the game works because that's how it happened to me.  You might also be familiar with the "I'm going to Mexico for 18 months!" type statuses as well.  It was a no-so-closely guarded secret that those were related to Breast Cancer Awareness Week.

The newest one I've seen though is kinda cute.  I don't think I'll give away the details here but if you follow this link it should spoil it for you.