Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lessons Part 1: Batman

I haven't done a series in a long time.  Let's do a series!  Here's how I'm doing this.  The next few blog entries are going to all be about fictional characters that have taught me great lessons in life. 

I'm beginning with Batman.

Because he's Batman!
Batman is pretty over-hyped these days.  He IS hands down the coolest character in the DC Universe and the lessons he taught me are sorta why.

1.  You don't always have to like someone to work with them.  It's all about the mission.

Let me tell you a story from my IT days (and I'm going to keep this vague to protect the innocent).  At one point we had a policy on ordering computers.  They had to come with dual core processors.  Well the guy in charge of signing off on our orders didn't agree with me that the Core 2 Duo was a dual core processor.  He was wrong.  Way wrong.  But he had authority so I kept firing emails at him that proved my point and truth be told, I didn't like this guy.  It wasn't until I actually got to meet and talk with him though that I realized we had the same mission...we just wildly disagreed on how to accomplish it.  But I was able to convince him despite not liking him.  You'd be surprised how many people can't stay on mission because their personal feelings get in the way.  Sometimes, the mission is more important.  If you want an example of this, go check out some old Justice League issues with Batman and Guy Gardner.

2.  It doesn't matter how smart, strong, capable and independent you are.  Sometimes you could use a helping hand.

One of the hardest things for me to do is asking for help.  A lot of people are like that.  So it's incredibly humbling to watch the Batman ask for it.  Not to mention he's mentored a slew of Robins to be as good as he is.

3.  Never underestimate the power of hard work.

Batman stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe even though he himself doesn't have any powers.  That alone makes him an inspiration seeing how much he can accomplish with just hard work.

So who's gonna be next?  Stick around to find out.  Next Bat Time.  Next Bat Blog.

Monday, September 22, 2014

My Karaoke Wishlist

Last night I was poking around Karaoke Version and picked up two tracks.  I actually sung both of them last night: The Transformers by Lion and the Family Guy Theme.  It got me thinking about which songs I really wish were in karaoke but aren't.  Here's a short wishlist (and I'm just gonna link the videos just so I don't flood this entry with embeds):

1.  The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

This song has gotten me pumped up many a morning.

2.  Midnight Show by The Killers

Hot Fuss had a lot of great songs on it and most of them are available on karaoke.  Unfortunately this one isn't and IT'S MY FAVORITE!  Dontcha hate when that happens.

3.  It's A Jungle Out There by Randy Newman

Y'know given how much Hollywood just LOVES Randy Newman you'd think this would be on karaoke.  Also it was the Monk theme song for most of the seasons it was on TV.  Nope, can't find it.  But I found Family Guy.  Go figure.

4. Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat) from Mortal Kombat The Album

You might think you haven't heard this song, but trust me you have.  It was used heavily in the promos for the first Mortal Kombat movie but the song was out way before then.  I actually had the entire album at one point.  It's not a hard song to sing but this would be loads of fun at karaoke.  I'd be a bit wary though of inciting play fighting among the drunken hordes. :)

5.  Monkey Man by Toots and The Maytals

You've heard me say this tons of times.  There's an incredible shortage of reggae, calypso and soca songs in karaoke.  The only staple is Bob Marley and you can't even find all of his songs on karaoke.  Anyway, I don't remember where I first heard this song but I've always liked it and wished it was on karaoke.

6.  No Disturb Sign by Beres Hammond

Same deal as #5.  Great song but not available on karaoke.

7.  Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton

My own personal theme song!  Y'know considering they used a riff from this song as the intro theme to a TV show of the same name it would be more popular.  Unfortunately that show appeared on G4 which isn't a standard Cable channel.

8.  The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Theme

#1 in da hood, G! :)

9.  Fett's Vette by MC Chris

Ok, I admit I heard this one on Aqua Teen too but it's a cool song and it was in the Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

10.  Pretty much any and all local artists

I can't tell you how many times I get a local at my show and they ask me if I have karaoke for local artists.  I'm talking Jam Band, Spectrum, Pressure Busspipe, you name it.  True story though, I actually have a karaoke version of Jam Band's Music From The VI.  It's not something I advertise regularly though because it usually triggers a rush of people looking for calypso and soca songs that simply don't exist in karaoke.

So there's a very good chance I may start to dabble once again in creating my own karaoke tracks.  The software I used to have (and lost access to) costs around $100.  I've looked around but there really is no better suite so I'll most likely be ponying up that money.  If I do though, what does your wishlist look like?  Maybe I'll make it.