Monday, August 31, 2015

Oh Netflix, What Hath Thou Wrought?!

This Summer marks 4 years since I've been a Netflix subscriber and I gotta tell you it's been a wild ride.  Even though they've been around for 15 years it was only their streaming service in 2008 and wasn't available in the Virgin Islands until 2011 when they split their streaming and DVD delivery services.  In just these 4 short years though, the streaming video company has taken on a whole new life while inspiring other streaming services like Hulu, Amazon and even HBO.

It's 2013 when things REALLY started to change at Netflix when they started producing original content.  The list of stuff they've put out is nothing short of amazing.  If you've got a free minute, there's a ton of cool facts about them online.

Was there a point to this post?  Not really.  I haven't posted a blog entry in a while and I was just talking to a friend about Netflix so I thought I'd post up a little appreciation for it.  Maybe someday I'll get around to updating the list of stuff I've watched on Netflix...but I doubt it.

I'll have to end on a sad note though.  So last season was brutal for network TV.  Lots of great shows (at least I liked them) got the axe.  Surprisingly most of them were romcoms.  Well there was one that stung the most when it was canceled: Selfie.  The series made it through 7 episodes before it was canceled.  Thanks to fans of the show though, Hulu stepped in and aired the remaining 6 episodes.  Then the plug got pulled on the whole thing.  For a while only the last few episodes were available on Hulu and then finally all the episodes were pulled.  ABC isn't showing the old episodes either despite still having a page up for it.  I hooked up with a Facebook campaign to save the show but in the end we were left unsatisfied.  Now none of this is Netflix's fault (even though we did petition them to take up the series as an original and save it) but I'm really hoping that in the near future they get the episodes.  It seems like shows that don't make it past a whole season get buried and I'd really hate to see that happen to this show.