Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fall 2016: The Wishlist

Fall TV is ready to get started soon so I just wanted to go over a few things I'm hoping to happen this season.

...before I do though I realize I haven't written anything in a while.  Sorry guys, lotta stuff in the way these days.  Unfortunately since I'm not as connected to the IT game as I used to be I find very little material to actually write about.  I'm working on that though. Let's get started.

Oh, one more thing:  There are A LOT of new shows coming this season and not all of them are even premiering in the fall.  For a full list follow this link.

1.  The Tick

Yep, there is totally a Tick reboot out there.  Only the pilot is available though and by the looks of it it's gonna get picked up since it's vastly outscoring the other two pilots.

Of course this means I'll become an Amazon Prime subscriber.  Yes in addition to Netflix, Hulu Plus and HBO Now I'll be adding yet another streaming service to my roster.  But hey, at least Amazon Prime has additional benefits.

2. Luke Cage

Speaking of streaming services, I can't even tell you how excited I am for Marvel's Luke Cage.  We got a taste of the character in Marvel Jessica Jones but while he's integral to her character he wasn't really to resolve her storyline.

3.  Designated Survivor

I'm about to piss off a lot of people here but I've never seen 24.  I heard it was good; great even.  I just never got into it like at all.  I am looking forward to the story for Designated Survivor though.  Keifer Sutherland is place into the role of a low ranking Cabinet member who becomes POTUS when everyone rank above him is killed when the Capitol explodes.  ABC sure does love presidential dramas.

4.  Powerless

I feel the need to kinda explain myself on this one.  I'm not watching for Vanessa Hudgins.  I'm watching for Alan Tudyk and Danny Pudi.  Oh and I'm also watching because this is based on a DC comic book (I know.  They did Constantine dirty.  By all rights they should never haven another DC show ever).  What I'm not certain of though is if this takes place in the DC Cinematic Universe, the Arrowverse or is doing it's own thing kinda like how Supergirl was doing before she got connected to the Arrowverse.  Either way, I'll be watching.

5. CBS stops messing around and finally joins forces with Hulu

Haha!  Didn't see that coming did ya?  My biggest wish is that CBS will abandon their streaming service and hook up with Hulu.  Alas, I don't think that's happening.  Last season the only CBS show I was watching was Supergirl.  Not a problem this season.  CBS does have an ace in the hole though.  They've got a Star Trek series and they're planning to make it available exclusively on their streaming services.  Hmm, another $6 a month?  That pilot better be PHENOMENAL.

It seems like a short list, but I'm a simple guy with simple needs.  Plus I'm looking forward to all my favorite shows that made the cut last season so when you add the 4 more shows it's still a lot of TV.