Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Yesterday I seized an opportunity to secure a better tablet.  If you've read my blog in the past you know I've been busy with my previous tablet.  Truth be told, it wasn't the tablet I really wanted but I picked it up because I got a good deal on it.  I had to root it immediately because it wasn't a Google approved device (that means no Google Play Market or GMail apps).  It's served me well but lately it's been giving me trouble (e.g. slow with certain apps, phantom touches) so I think an upgrade is appropriate.  Was a not offered this deal I was really looking to just buy a new one off market, but when I checked the specs I decided to go for it.  Meet my new tablet:

Don't get all excited about the colors or the keyboard.  I have neither (yeah, it's black; the website says it only comes in three colors so maybe this one's royal blue).  The ASUS Transformer 300t though boasts a number of features that make it clearly superior to the Coby Kyros.  Well, just one really: the quad core CPU!  I've got the 10.1" back and the same amount of RAM, but just by using it you can tell that quad core CPU really makes a difference.

So how about a short list of stuff I like about this one compared to my old one:
  1. It's not so finicky about the external microSD card.  My Kyros almost always required me to restart the entire tablet if I took out the card or attached a USB drive.
  2. Apps start much faster and give me much less grief.
  3. I thought the sound on the Kyros good, but the sound on the Transformer is AMAZING!
  4. No phantom presses.  That was really getting annoying on the Kyros.
  5. Vine works now!
  6. Updated Android OS.
Ok, that's just a short list.  I'm still transferring my apps.  The hardest transfer is going to be my old manga list for MangaSearcher (over to 2gigs!).  The question remains what am I going to do with the Kyros once I'm finished?

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