Monday, July 14, 2014

Blocking Facebook Game Requests: 2014 Edition

Would you believe it's been a whole year since I've tackled this?  Believe it or not this is the one post to my blog that I share and gets shared the most. Well, like I said the first time Facebook changes stuff all the time and the process has changed slightly.  So let's walk through how to do it these days.

As far as I know you can only block game requests on the browser version of Facebook (i.e. Internet Explore, Firefox, Chrome, etc.).  Meaning you have to do it on a PC, Mac or Linux computer.  Mobile versions, you probably won't see the request at all so no biggie.

Step 1:

On your main feed, look over to your left and look for this dialog:
Of course this is from my Profile.  The section you're looking for is Games Feed.  Click on it.

Step 2:

You'll be presented with all the most recent game posts that showed up on your wall.  It should look like this:

Now next to each instance there's a little arrow pointing down.  It's a little hard to see.  Click on it once and you'll get some options.  Most of them you don't want to use.  "I don't want to see this" simply removes those posts from your news feed (just THOSE posts).  "This is Spam" reports your friend and I'm pretty sure you don't want that either.  "Unfollow *friend name*" means you won't see any more posts from your friend at all.  The option you want is "Hide all from *game name*".  Not only does it  hide all the game requests from your one friend, should any more friends start playing you won't see their requests either.

So as you can see, Facebook made this process slightly easier but also kinda dangerous.  Here's an alternate method that might be a bit safer.

Step #1
On your main feed, look over to your left and look for this dialog:
Looks familiar eh?  This time choose Games instead.

Step #2
You'll end up here:
Look at the top for Activity and click on that.

Step #3:

 Here you'll get a list of all the requests that were personally sent to you as well as who sent them.  If you want to block the game just click on the X right next to the Accept button.  It automatically hides the request and gives you the option to block the game completely.

That's it for the updated version of this.  Keep in mind that most people who play games on Facebook really have very little control of what is shared from the game.  When they sign up to play, those games get access to their friend list.  So if you get a request, don't flip out.  Just block 'em and move along.

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