Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The 7 Deadly Sins...of Waking Up For Work

I was considering doing this as a fun, jaunty image and posting it on Facebook but then I though, nah let's give it the full on blog treatment.  Oh and if you don't think this is geeky enough I'm using images from Full Metal Alchemist (and fair warning I'm using the characters from the 2003 anime).


Sloth is your natural state when you're in bed.  Yeah you know you should get up like RIGHT NOW so you can be on time for work...but the bed is just soooo comfortable.  At this point you've already hit the snooze button on your alarm like 10 times already and may have even gotten as close to waking up as touching a foot to the ground.  Since this is your natural state, in order to wake up you have to replace it with another sin.

BREAKFAST!!!! Gotta have breakfast NOOOOOWWWW!!!  I remember in my college days getting up early was an eternal battle been sleep and food.

Um, I think this one is self-explanatory.

Gotta go and make that money!  Cash rules everything around me.  Greed will get you up.  Especially if there's something special you were looking to buy sometime in the near future.
There are some days you show up to work just because you know it'll piss somebody off to see you.  Some days you just want to get to the office and show those idiots at the office how it's REALLY done.  Anger can be a great motivator.

Envy is a much trickier one to use.  I find that sometimes to get up I have to convince myself that there's a better resting place somewhere else in the house.  For me that's a struggle between the bed and the couch.  The couch easily loses this argument.  So when I'm in bed I really REALLY have to convince myself that the couch is better.  Of course as I get up to seek the other resting place, instinct kicks in and I end up in the bathroom brushing my teeth instead.

Pride is almost as bad as envy.  Pride usually involves to desire to show off.  Think of it as a tamer version of wrath.  You want to get to work and show off your stuff not for the satisfaction of a job well done but to stroke your ego.  You can also substitute this for wanting to show off some clothes ensemble (this works better for the ladies; although I have been known to strut a bit when I show up wearing a tie).

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