Friday, September 14, 2012

How to Make Science, Math and Technology Too Cool For School

Last night me and some friends from our online tech group (you didn't think I was the only one did you?) met up to weigh in on with ideas for the draft VI Science and Technology Plan.  One of the topics was how to get various age blocks to embrace technology.  So I've had and idea gnawing at me since last night and I want to get it written down before I forget it.

My answer is trading cards.
Gotta catch 'em all!

Ok, not THOSE kind of trading cards.  I mean sports trading cards like basketball or football.  Here's how it'll play out.  The project is to build trading cards for a whole sports team with stats and all for the season.  This activity would incorporate the talents of various types of students.  First we've got the mathematicians.  They'll be the ones actually taking and compiling the numbers.  The computer science students would come up with a way to automate the data collection and compiling.  The photographers' jobs would be to collect a winning photo of each and every player.  Graphic artists would cobble together the actual card images.  The athletes would also be involved since they're the subjects and really, how cool is it that you'll get your own trading cards with real statistics on it.  I think that sort of project would be a win-win for everyone and as a promotion the cards could be packaged and sold in the community to raise funds for the school.

Think it could work?

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  1. wow, hector, this is awesome! i don't even LIKE sports and i think this is fun. the designers and the local players would be rock stars!