Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Karaoke Report No More

Some of you will be sad to hear that I'm no longer doing the Karaoke Report.  Alas, Karaoke Report No More.

The reason I'm not doing it any more isn't for the reason you're probably thinking: that nobody reads it anyway.  Well, readership IS pretty low on the Karaoke Report...but I digress.  The reason I'm not doing it any more is that it stopped being fun.

See, when I started this blog I promised myself it would be all about the stuff I liked.  Now I LOVE karaoke, but having to write a regular segment on it was kinda bumming me out.  It doesn't feel spontaneous.  It feels like...a chore.

So maybe in the future I may post another Karaoke Report but only if I really, REALLY feel like doing it.

Stay frosty.

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