Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings

This was a category last night for Tipsy Tuesday Team Trivia (those of you wonder what my TTTT posts mean, there it is) at Jack's Bight.  TTTT is a raucous, shot infused good time that exposes the audience to things they probably never knew before.  However, there are questions that inspire debate.  You could say this was one of them (if you count just me as the debate that is).  Here was the question:

Fred and George Weasley is to the Harry Potter series as what is to Lord of the Rings?
Now at the time I protested the answer this question. That was until I saw the source of it and realized it was a case of paraphrasing gone bad.  Now don't look at it yet but here's the source.

Given the question what would you guess the answer is?  My answer was Faramir and Boromir.  It was judged wrong.  The answer was Merry and Pippin (or Meriadoc Brandybuc and Peregrin Took).

Now I admit I have not read The Lord of The Rings.  I have however ready every book in the Harry Potter series and my pride as a geek could not allow the question to stand as is.  Here's the original question from the source mentioned which would have cleared all doubt:

In my opinion, "Harry Potter" wouldn't be quite complete without Fred and George Weasley, who just make the series that much more fun to read. In the sense of them liking a little bit of fun every now and then, the fact that they are almost never separated, and their undying loyalty to each other and to the main character, who are Fred and George Weasley most easily likened to in "The Lord of the Rings?"
Aahhh context, sweet context.  Perhaps this would have made it too easy but given that I was the only person there familiar with both series I doubt it (not boasting, I checked around after).

The question asked reminds me of analogies we used to get on the SAT.  Essentially the question is worded:

Fred & George Weasley : Harry Potter Series :: _________ : Lord of the Rings Series

In this context given nothing else you work with what you know about both series and because analogies demand at their core that you find common relationships the most obvious one is glaring:  Fred and George Weasley are brothers (identical twins actually).  Given this I went for the only brother pair presented in Lord of the Rings: Boromir and Faramir.

However, had the question been worded the other way around the answer presented would have been much more palatable:

Merry & Pippin : Lord of the Rings Series :: ___________________ : Harry Potter Series

In this comparison we have a pair of fun loving troublemakers who were inseparable (until The Two Towers that is).  Given what I know of the Harry Potter series Fred and George Weasley were the obvious answers.

So fellow geeks, nerds, fanboys, what say you?  Granted whether I was right or wrong about this wouldn't have affected the outcome of the game anyway.  I just want your opinion on this one.

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