Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Apathetic Facebook Users Give Up Their Right To Vote

Last week I mentioned in my blog that Facebook was opening the floor to the Facebook user base to vote up or down their new SRR and data use policy.  If you voted, great.  But it looks like majority of the Facebook users really just don't care.

Suck it, Honey Badger.
Maybe I wasn't clear on what was at stake here so here's a quick rundown:

  • Facebook will eliminate voting on site governance changes in favor of taking high-quality feedback from users through a question-submission system and webcasts.
  • Facebook can share data to and from its affiliates, including Instagram.
  • Facebook may change who can contact you via Messages.
  • Facebook may clarify who can view your content after you hide it from your Timeline.
Technically, the new SRR and data use policy was voted down. 
The problem was that for the vote to be binding it required 30% of the entire Facebook user base to vote.  Of the 668,500 users who did vote, 88% resounding rejected the new policy.  Unfortunately, Facebook has just over 1 billion users.  That amounts to a paltry 0.07% of the entire user base.  That's right.  We couldn't even muster a 1% vote.

Oh well.  I expect we'll see much protest once the new policies come down the pipe.  Too bad we didn't say something when we had the chance.

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