Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hey Facebookers! You should be voting!

Hey Facebook World! Ok, I'll stop with the fake excitement.  This is still pretty important stuff though.

You might not have heard this but Facebook is once again thinking about changing its Data Use Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.  Fortunately, you (that's ALL of you) can vote on it.  So I bet now you're asking why you should even care.  Glad you asked.

As this article explains, here's what will change should the new rules be implemented:

  1. The "Site Governance Process" goes bye-bye.  Translation: We don't get to vote anymore.
  2. Facebook will allow themselves to share to share "information" with affiliates.
  3. Using Instagram? There's a bunch of stuff changing there but much more than I care to get into
For a complete list of what's changing you can view Facebook's Explanation of Changes.

Right now here's where the voting stands:
I know what you're thinking.  The vote's so big for keeping the existing policy that it's bound to win with or without your vote.  Well here's two things to consider.  Voting only just opened up yesterday.  You have until December 10th at 3:00 PM EST to log your vote.  The second thing to consider is that unless the voting tallies up to 30% of the entire user base Facebook will only take the results of the voting as advisory...meaning they'll pretty much do whatever the hell they want.  How big is the user base?  1 billion active users.  So unless 300,000,000 active users vote, this vote will be considered advisory.

What are you waiting for?!  Go vote!

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