Thursday, January 10, 2013

Best of The VI 2013 - Kinda Different This Year

Just got wind that the Virgin Islands Daily News Best of the VI site is up an active.  It's kinda different this year though.  I figured after last year with they're new foray into Facebook territory that they'd probably end up switching it up since there seemed to be a lot of problems with write-ins.  The solution: no write-ins.  At least not online (I haven't seen the paper publication yet).  Well, if you're keen on voting I've provided the links.  I'm kinda despondent about it though.  Why you ask?

Yep, Karaoke.  Once again Fatty's gets no love.  Heck, Club Jaguars hasn't even been open in a year.  If a write-in option opens online I'll let you guys know. 

**************Update January 10, 2013****************

It's in today's Virgin Islands Daily News and based on the print document I can confirm that there are no write-ins this year.

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