Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, DC Universe Online!

DC Universe Online was released 2 years ago today.  I wasn't around for the launch.  I jumped in when it went Free-To-Play way back in late 2011.  I have however been an avid player and currently I'm a subscribing member.  So here's to hoping that DCUO has the kind of longevity that World of Warcraft enjoys.  If you don't know much about the game, the good folks at IGN put together a nice little tribute article to mark the 2 year anniversary.

Always found it amusing how they keep leaving out Circe.
Oh, and guys feel free to find me in the game.  I'm a hero and I have two active "toons" (that's what we call them).  My main toon is Hectorious.  He's a Sorcery Healer.  My newer toon is Puddin Pops.  She's an Earth Tank.  I run with the DC Dragonz league.  If you want to jump on, hook up with me and we can run stuff together.

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