Thursday, March 14, 2013

HBOMB, Trivia Commissioner?

Can you find me in the picture?  I'm actually right at the center (it's uncanny how often that happens).  Well that's me at my favorite hangout doing one of my favorite things: playing Buzztime Trivia.  About a year ago we used to have weekly trivia tournaments on Thursday nights.  When it first started it was pretty big.  There were times if you got there too late you didn't get a Playmaker.

Behold! A Playmaker!
With time, changing time zones, the reduction of prizes, and yours truly usually being the top contender popularity for the weekly contest tapered.  We kept a long standing policy that if enough people played on Thursday nights that at the very least the winner of each game got a free shot.

I looks like Trivia might be coming back though.  Eric at the Rock propositioned me to be sort of the organizer for a new Trivia contest.  We're moving the event to Wednesday nights.  Right now that means the participating games are SciFiles, Six, Pastimes and Lexitopia.  The format is still being worked up as well as which and how prizes are awarded.  I'll be recusing myself from the game to handle the outside particulars and there's a chance I may MC and DJ the event.

Our target date for the first round is March 20, 2013.  And if you didn't catch the place, it's going to be at The Rock Bar and Gaming.  If you love trivia this could be a whole lot of fun.

Who's HBOMB?  Me, of course.  That's my screen name.
Someday they'll let me put glasses on this guy.  Someday.

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