Monday, April 22, 2013

The Top 10 Funniest Lines I've Heard in DCUO

In my defense though, I think it's been a while and I've had this one on my mind for a while.  Collected below are my top 10 funniest lines from DC Universe Online.  Without further ado.

10. "Tell Penguin to unleash da boids!"

You get this line while running the Old Gotham Subway Instance.  For some reason all of Penguin's lackeys talk like they're gangsters straight out of the 1920s.  One of the female lackeys says this while you're beating the tar out of them.

9. "Kneel before Grood!  Get on your knees you savages!  ON YOUR KNEES!"

Gorilla Grood says this at the end of the Stryker Island alert.  It's epic, but still fun.  I laugh every time.

8.  Anything Ambush Bug says.

It's the voice.  He sounds like the Noid from the old Domino's commercials.  I especially find what he says in the OMAC base amusing.

7. "The juice is LOOSE!"

Fighting Bane's thugs near the Cape Carmine Lighthouse.  Some of these guys shout this when you "enrage" them and they start pumping Venom.

6.  "Marco!  Polo!"

Dr. Psycho plays hide and seek with you in your first encounter with him in the Meta Research Facility.  What makes it funny is how much he openly mocks you in the process.  It makes it really satisfying to put a hurting on him when you actually find him.

5.  "You...left you DOG to defend the Fortress against Brainiac?  Oh, THIS should be good."

Luthor's such a dick. Lex says this when Superman tells him he left Krypto to guard the main entrance during the Fortress of Solitude Chasm raid.

4.  "Get back in the basement, Harvey!  I'm in control!  I'm...unstoppable!"

This is one of Two Face's rants in Legends PvP.

3. "Yoohoooo!  Riddler old bean!  Come out and let us I mean MEET yoouuuu!"

One of Joker's clown says this during the Monarch Card Company Instance just before you complete Riddler's third clue.  The fake English accent does it for me every time.

2.  "What are YOU doing here?  I don't recall sending out invitations.  My hair is a wreck.  This place is a mess.  I'm at a crucial stage of creating the life of tomorrow.  I don't have the time to kill you right now!  I'll just have to enjoy your demise from the safety of my lab.  Security!"

That's T.O. Morrow's rant from the Ace Chemicals alert.  Such tough talk for a guy who doesn't even come out to fight you himself.  He has a few other choice lines now that the Home Turf DLC is out.

1.  Anything the Joker says.

The Joker really has too many funny lines to count.  Everything he says is hilarious.  Here's a whole video worth of them.


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