Tuesday, April 2, 2013


These days with all the newfangled operating systems like Windows 7 and 8 it's super easy to do a screenshot. That's because when Microsoft pushed out 7 they included a Snipping Tool.  But old habits die hard and believe it or not a lot of you out there are still using older operating systems (like I have to tell you). 

Before I begin, why do a screenshot anyway?  Screenshots are useful for a lot of reasons.  Imagine you're on the phone with a guy like me.  You're trying to tell me what's showing up on your screen but it requires quite a bit of imagination on my part.  You can take a screenshot and send me an image.  That's just one thing but once you know how to do this on your own I'm sure you'll find more uses.

Let's being.  First I want you to download and install Irfanview.  You don't need to, but it will make your life easy with this.

Now locate and press the Print Screen button.

It's riiiiight THERE!
That's it.  Your screenshot is now ready to paste into any application that allows you to paste images.  You can do it in Word, Publisher, Excel, OpenOffice and yes, Irfanview.  The cool thing about Irfanview is that you can "finish" your screenshot by cropping, changing colors, etc.  Oh, and if you're feeling particularly lazy you can just press Ctrl+V to paste (it's in the menu somewhere but meh).

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