Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pretty Sneaky, Malwarebytes

I don't think a month goes by when at some point I don't extoll the virtues of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.  With all the crazy programs running around telling you you have nonexistent infections it's a necessity.  Sure some of the big guns in the Antivirus field are bundling in anti-malware into their programs but Malwarebytes is still the best (in my humble opinion that is; there's still that flap about them flagging important Windows files as malicious a month ago...but I forgive them).

Well today I learned they have a new offering that makes fighting malware a little bit easier.  It's called Chameleon.

More like a Blue Shrimp...
Chameleon does something that the malware busting community has needed for some time: A way to install Malwarebytes on computers that have already been infected and are blocking the regular Malwarebytes installation.  See the one critical flaw of Malwarebytes is that most users don't look to it until they've already been infected.  And most of these malware creators know how effective Malwarebytes is and taking their stuff to the cleaners so they make sure you can't install ANYTHING once you've been infected.  Norton used to have a similar problem back in the day when viruses targeted outdated Norton installations as soon as it infected a system.

With Chameleon you can load your computer in Safe Mode With Networking and, using a conspicuously named svchost.exe file, install Malwarebytes with the latest database update using a MSDOS command shell.  This little peach has earned a place in my USB drive archives.

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