Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sprint Galaxy Tab 3: Welcome to The Family

Ok, Sprint managed to snag me on this because I think it's a great deal.  Meet my new tablet:

Yo dawg!  We heard you liked tablets so we took a picture of your tablet with a tablet!
That's the Galaxy Tab 3 and I only dropped $50 on it.  I got a 2 GB data plan and we're gonna see how long that lasts me (I've already used 220 MB...that's what I get for showing off how fast it can download apps).  Fortunately it's WiFi enabled so I don't always have to burn my own juice.  So far I'm rather enjoying it.  I love my Asus Transformer, but honestly sometimes I feel like kind of a douche using.  It's great for e-reading and games but for just browsing around or even playing a little music it's too much.  I've honestly been jealous of the smaller tablets for a while now.  I love how they're so compact and discrete.  I'm still going to use my Asus but it's good to have another option...especially since we're finally rolling out 4G for Sprint here. 

My Coby?  Yeah, I've still got that.  Let's just say for now it's semi-retired and teaching old ladies *snicker*.

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