Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Birthday World Wide Web!

April 30, 2013 marks the 20th birthday for the World Wide Web.  You've come a long way.  You'd think for something that's been around for 20 years people would have a pretty good idea of how to use you. :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Top 10 Funniest Lines I've Heard in DCUO

In my defense though, I think it's been a while and I've had this one on my mind for a while.  Collected below are my top 10 funniest lines from DC Universe Online.  Without further ado.

10. "Tell Penguin to unleash da boids!"

You get this line while running the Old Gotham Subway Instance.  For some reason all of Penguin's lackeys talk like they're gangsters straight out of the 1920s.  One of the female lackeys says this while you're beating the tar out of them.

9. "Kneel before Grood!  Get on your knees you savages!  ON YOUR KNEES!"

Gorilla Grood says this at the end of the Stryker Island alert.  It's epic, but still fun.  I laugh every time.

8.  Anything Ambush Bug says.

It's the voice.  He sounds like the Noid from the old Domino's commercials.  I especially find what he says in the OMAC base amusing.

7. "The juice is LOOSE!"

Fighting Bane's thugs near the Cape Carmine Lighthouse.  Some of these guys shout this when you "enrage" them and they start pumping Venom.

6.  "Marco!  Polo!"

Dr. Psycho plays hide and seek with you in your first encounter with him in the Meta Research Facility.  What makes it funny is how much he openly mocks you in the process.  It makes it really satisfying to put a hurting on him when you actually find him.

5.  "You...left you DOG to defend the Fortress against Brainiac?  Oh, THIS should be good."

Luthor's such a dick. Lex says this when Superman tells him he left Krypto to guard the main entrance during the Fortress of Solitude Chasm raid.

4.  "Get back in the basement, Harvey!  I'm in control!  I'm...unstoppable!"

This is one of Two Face's rants in Legends PvP.

3. "Yoohoooo!  Riddler old bean!  Come out and let us I mean MEET yoouuuu!"

One of Joker's clown says this during the Monarch Card Company Instance just before you complete Riddler's third clue.  The fake English accent does it for me every time.

2.  "What are YOU doing here?  I don't recall sending out invitations.  My hair is a wreck.  This place is a mess.  I'm at a crucial stage of creating the life of tomorrow.  I don't have the time to kill you right now!  I'll just have to enjoy your demise from the safety of my lab.  Security!"

That's T.O. Morrow's rant from the Ace Chemicals alert.  Such tough talk for a guy who doesn't even come out to fight you himself.  He has a few other choice lines now that the Home Turf DLC is out.

1.  Anything the Joker says.

The Joker really has too many funny lines to count.  Everything he says is hilarious.  Here's a whole video worth of them.


Friday, April 12, 2013

Manga List #5

It's been a while since I did this and not much has really changed but I wanted to post an update anyway.

Naruto Bleach Beelzebub The World God Only Knows History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi Ratman
Cage of Eden (Finished) Fairy Tail Noblesse Bartender Holyland (Finished) The Breaker: New Waves
Hajime no Ippo Hunter X Hunter Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to Karate Shoukoushi Konihata Minoru Medaka Box Toriko
Freezing Sekirei Gamble Fish Liar Game Zen Martial Arts Academy (Finished) The God of High School
Rave Master (Finished) Eyeshield 21 (Finished) The Breaker (Finished) Veritas (Finished) Defense Devil (Finished)  RRR (Finished)
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (Finished) My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute Simon Sues
Girls of the Wild's Gintama Detective Conan
Konjiko No Gash Bell (Finished) Yu Yu Hakusho (Finished)

I figured since I haven't really added any new manga to my roster I'll give a brief description of where everything is.

Naruto - We're in the middle of a ninja war.  While everyone else is on the battlefield, Sasuke is getting the dirt on what really went down in Village Hidden In The Leaves.  He's decided to join the fight against Madara.

Bleach - Currently we're in an arc going over the history of Ichigo's parents.

Beelzebub - The gang's back at their old high school, but what's up with all these demon contractors?

The World God Only Knows - Keima's gone back in time (actually his spirit switched places with his younger self) on a mission to fix the present.

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi - The gang is in the middle of an all out assault by Yomi while they were enjoying a day at the water park.  Surprise, surprise: Ryuto teams up with Kenichi to battle Kensei.

Ratman - Been on hiatus for a while now and I'm hoping it hasn't been dropped.  We were in the middle of the Iska arc.

Cage of Eden - The series concluded with what I think was a rushed ending.  Turns out everyone was in the future.  The island wasn't on the map because it was man-made about 200 years prior as memorial/potential landing spot for them.  Roughly a couple years after making this final discovery the gang has crafted a boat capable of getting them off the island and back to Japan.  They are apprehensive though because no one has come to the island at all in that time and they wonder if there is really a civilization left to get back to.

Fairy Tail - Fairy Tail wins the game!  But what's all this about dragons coming to kill everyone and opening a magic gate?

Noblesse - This series could possible be concluding soon.  Master Rai is using what may be the last of his power against 3 three union members gone wild.  He's won the fight, put at what price?

Bartender - The stories are too random to really break it down.  There is an ongoing (but rarely utilized) arc where the hotel manager and Ryu are having a kind of father/son relationship and his granddaughter has a thing for Ryu.

The Breaker: New Waves - After watching Shioon being manhandled for most of the series it's kind of good that his ki center has (kinda, sorta) healed and he's kicking all kinds of ass.  But where is he and why are these people trying to take him captive?

Hajime no Ippo - Vorg has taken the US Championship!  So when's Ippo gonna fight again?

Hunter X Hunter - So far the series is on (ANOTHER) hiatus with the ending of the last arc showing Gon finally meeting his dad at the top of the World Tree.  Besides that there's a Kuparika flashback arc but the main story is on hiatus.

Mangaka-san to Asistant-san to - Another series that's way to random to describe.  Still incredibly funny for 8 page stories.

Karate Shoukushi Konihata Minoru - It's been a full year since both Minoru and Mutou lost the karate championships.  Minoru and the gang (minus Mutou who's gone abroad to study) are currently in the middle of a mixed martial arts battle.

Medaka Box - Another series that appears to be closing soon.  Medaka has decided to leave the academy and fulfill here familial duties.  In what appears to be the final arc, Zenkichi has arranged for her to contest with everyone at the academy before she leaves.

Toriko - The Bishokukai is raiding the Cooking Festival and their targets are apparently all the world class chefs.

Freezing - Currently on hiatus (happens a lot, I know), the new arc follows the introduction of Team 13 Valkyries.

Sekirei - Also looks like it's close to the end.  The final "game" in the Sekirei Plan has started.

Gamble Fish - After a long hiatus only 2 issues has come out.  Tomu bets his life for 30 million yen.  We're pretty sure he's going to make it.

Liar Game - Akiyama wins Bid Poker and Team Harimoto is withdrawing from the game completely.  But Yokoya is still out there and he's cleaning up.

Zen Martial Arts Academy - Alas this series was cancelled.  It was fun while it lasted.

The God of High School - Remember that world security plot that showed up in the first issue and we never saw again.  Well it's back.  What's the deal with The Key?

My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute - On hiatus for a looooong time.  It might have been dropped.

Simon Sues - ditto

Girls of the Wild's - It's Dal Dal vs. Lee Moon Young!  Song didn't know it but he was coaching them to fight each other.

I'm going to stop there.  I haven't really been keeping up with Gintama or Conan as I said I would.  Maybe some other time.

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Final Countdown

The say that celebrities all pass away in 3s.  Today we lost Margaret Thatcher and Annette Funicello.  I guess they're the pair that goes away with Roger Ebert.  (All three will be missed, BTW; may they rest in peace.). But before this post gets all morbid, there was another celebrity slated to die today. 
Ha! You wish!

Microsoft has officially announced that support for Windows XP will expire one year from today.  As popular as Windows XP still is today, the old girl is turning 12 this year.  Given the shorter lifespans of the previous versions of Windows, that XP has been this popular for this long is nothing short of a miracle.  Guess what?  This is a really big deal.  Take a look at this chart:

Here's the good news:  currently only 38.73% of users are still using XP.  The bad news is that's still a pretty good chuck of people.

Ok, by now you're thinking "So what if I'm still using XP?  It still works right?".  Yeah, it does.  The problem here is what comes from lack of support.  If you're a savvy user you've got your antivirus/anti-malware working and you're getting regular updates from Microsoft.  Well next year those updates go bye-bye and if someone comes up with an XP exploit after that time you'll be vulnerable whether you have antivirus/anti-malware or not.

If you don't have a current OS, you officially have 1 year to upgrade.  I know it's rough.  I was there when XP replaced 2000.  But it's time to put this classic to bed.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


These days with all the newfangled operating systems like Windows 7 and 8 it's super easy to do a screenshot. That's because when Microsoft pushed out 7 they included a Snipping Tool.  But old habits die hard and believe it or not a lot of you out there are still using older operating systems (like I have to tell you). 

Before I begin, why do a screenshot anyway?  Screenshots are useful for a lot of reasons.  Imagine you're on the phone with a guy like me.  You're trying to tell me what's showing up on your screen but it requires quite a bit of imagination on my part.  You can take a screenshot and send me an image.  That's just one thing but once you know how to do this on your own I'm sure you'll find more uses.

Let's being.  First I want you to download and install Irfanview.  You don't need to, but it will make your life easy with this.

Now locate and press the Print Screen button.

It's riiiiight THERE!
That's it.  Your screenshot is now ready to paste into any application that allows you to paste images.  You can do it in Word, Publisher, Excel, OpenOffice and yes, Irfanview.  The cool thing about Irfanview is that you can "finish" your screenshot by cropping, changing colors, etc.  Oh, and if you're feeling particularly lazy you can just press Ctrl+V to paste (it's in the menu somewhere but meh).