Monday, August 20, 2012

The Karaoke Report 8-20-12

Seems the Texas Chili Cookoff didn't deter my karaoke maniacs from representing last night.  We had a pretty solid crowd all night last night and of course, our fair share of interesting moments.

Epic Awesomesauce Moment of the Night

Kinda tough to pick one.  But if I had to, I'd pick Don doing Add It Up by the Violent Femmes.  Don always does this song, but if you heard him on day 1 compared to what he's doing now you'd understand.  I love to see when a regular settles in and starts bringing their A game.

Buzzkill Moment of the Night

Taco Hell closed early so I didn't get my post show tacos.  Oh the humanity!

WTF Moment of the Night

Looking back this was actually kinda funny but at the time it was monster stress.  Last night there was a new bartender.  She's nice and she was very attentive to me.  Well, I wanted to check with her to see if she was planning to close up any time soon.  I seemed like she wasn't so I continued past my 1 AM finishing time.  About 10 minutes in though she starts calling last call.

Folks, for the next ten minutes I felt like I was negotiating a hostage crisis.  The begging, the pleading, the emotion, the anger.  You'd think I'd be used to this sort of thing by now but it does still catch me by surprise how much people really REALLY want their turn at bat.  Well, I checked with her again after calming folks down a bit and turns out she was calling last call for KARAOKE.  I let her know I'd keep going until 2 and the folks who didn't leave in anger (it wasn't that many) let somewhat happier than they would have if the show had ended right then and there.  I don't blame the bartender though.  She's a sweet girl looking out for me and I appreciate that she tipped me.

Random Party Pic of the Night

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