Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Adventures In Rooting

It's funny how adding a new toy to the family changes your needs.  I have for quite some time been using Easy Tether as my de facto tethering application.  It's one of the few apps I paid actual money for.  While it works great on PCs though it's utterly useless with my tablet.  Remember in a previous post where I said that without WiFi access your tablet experience is severely hindered.  Well you never really feel it until you're stuck without the access.

In response to this, I decided it was time to root my main phone: my Motorola XPERT.
You'd think this would be an easy task considering how much the tech community loves messing with Motorala gear.  Well it turned out that Google was a step ahead of everyone.  Since I upgraded to Android 2.3.5 on my phone it was quite a search to find a method to root it.  But I found one and I'm now enjoying the benefits of a rooted phone.

See that photo?  I'm showing off three things here.  First you'll notice that big WiFi symbol.  I installed WiFi Tether and now I can connect my Android tablet to my Android phone for WiFi.  Neat huh?  You'll also see that ghostly blue box that's letting me know Screenshot FREE has Superuser permission.  Fun fact, taking a screenshot on an Android phone is only possible if it's rooted.  That's show off #3: the screenshot itself.

Now naturally this didn't go as well as I had hoped.  For some strange reason my phone sometimes changes my time forward by 4 hours.  I'm guessing this has to do with Sprint homebase being somewhere in the mid-west.  True story: My bank called me one time because they wanted to know why my online account was being accessed somewhere in the mid-west.  It seems to be a minor annoyance right now and it might actually phase itself out *crossing fingers*.  The other annoyance is the built in Sprint app that pops up a warning telling me it can't connect because the service isn't enabled.  Sprint's already collecting an extra $10 a month from me for "premium data" so there's no way I'm letting them charge me for anything else.  Again, it's an annoyance I can live with.

Question now is what else do I want to mess with now that my phone is rooted?

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