Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Favorite Apps

I'm starting to get the hang of this tablet thing.  If I didn't mention it before I rooted my Coby Kyros allowing me to do more with that tablet than I could out of the box.  So after these past few weeks I've settled on what are now my favorite apps.  Maybe you might like them too.

Wanna take a screen shot on Android?  Gotta root it first. ;)

1.  Google Play

Sorry GetJar, but you are a sad and pale imitation of the Google Play store.  Even Amazon Appstore kicks your ass.  You really don't miss Google Play until you can't use it anymore.  It's opened up a whole new world for my tablet.

2.  ES File Explorer

Yeah, it's the stock file explorer that came with the tablet but once it gets root access it earns its keep.  Keep in mind though that even if you root your device you have to specifically enable root browsing in ES File Explorer.  It's a safety feature because you don't want to mess with root files unless you know what you're doing.  It comes bundled with a decent media player and a process explorer too but I rarely use either.

3.  Facebook

The app is surprisingly better to use than the tablet's browser.  Go figure.

4.  News Republic

What can I say, I like to stay informed.  News Republic will pull current news from a number of sources based on any topic I designate.  I can add new buttons to the front page if for some reason I want to constantly look up news related to the Playstation 3 (not that I've actually done that but now that the idea springs to mind I'll definitely try it and see what happens).  It also pops up breaking news from time to time.  Cool app!

5.  Wifi File Transfer

Because sometimes I don't want to be bothered with finding the mini-USB cable.  Once I enable Wifi File Transfer I can use a browser on a networked computer to explore the files in the tablet.  Not only that but I can upload and download files as well.

6. TripleTown

You know I had to come to a game eventually.  TripleTown is addictive as all hell.  It's a puzzle game where you try to construct the best town.  What's really evil about it though is in its free mode you only get 150 turns that refresh slowly as time goes by.  If you want unlimited play you have to pay for the app.

7.  Battery Solo Widget

Once common trend among all Android devices in my opinion is that the battery analyzer visual just sucks.  I like being able to look at my screen and knowing at a glance how much juice I have left. This app is simple but effective.

8.  Netflix

It can get a little slow on this tablet, but Netflix is still pretty handy.  I could tell you where I especially like watching Netflix but I don't think you'd appreciate the visual.

9.  Draw Something

Another game. The reason I like this so much on a tablet is because I suck so bad at this game on my mobile phone.  Small screens, man fingers, do the math.  At least with the tablet I can keep up with my friends who inexplicably seem capable of constructing elaborate portraits in this game.

10.  MX Player

The built in movie player is a bit limited.  I found that out when I loaded my 32 gig microSD card with all my iTunes formatted movies.  MX Player plays what I need flawlessly and even supports subtitles.

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