Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, Renegade Geek!

I'm a few hours early but just wanted to let everyone know that on Sunday, February 10, 2013 this blog will have been up and running for a full year!  I that time I've posted 143 entries (including this one) and garnered 2,829 pageviews.  Not too shabby for a year.  I just want to thank my readers for sticking with me.

I don't really have this cake, but if I did I wasn't sharing. :P

To commemorate, here's my best of list.

Most Page Views
MSN Thinks We're In Latin America with 84 views

Least Page Views
Just look up The Karaoke Report. I've had other posts with only 1 view, but there's enough of them running around with 1 view to earn this award.

Most Comments
Foxfi - Free WiFi Hotspot for Android with 4.  Granted that number might have been inflated by me responding. This also came pretty close to Most Page Views and may still take the title.  Maybe next year.

Most Inexplicably Popular Image Meme Post
Dos Equis Man with 42 views. I really have no idea why that one was the most popular. Must be a Google search thing.

My Favorite Post
It was a tough call, but I went with 5 Everyday Tech Things You're Doing Wrong because I put a lot of effort into that one.

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