Friday, June 14, 2013

The Hashtags Are Here

Hey, notice something new about Facebook today?  You know those meaningless hashtags that people have been using like crazy all over the place.  Well they're not meaningless anymore.

If you've ever used Twitter or Instagram, hashtags are commonplace and actually mean something.  It's a way for people to share interests on trending topics.  Naturally though The Renegade Geek has a couple concerns.  I'm sure it'll be organized chaos for a couple months while Facebook denizens get used to the new structure.  Meanwhile the Twitter folks will have a field day with it.

Something not addressed in any of the articles I've though is privacy.  The use of a hashtag on Facebook could bring instant fame to someone's usually quiet Facebook page...if your permissions aren't set to Friends Only.  That's kind of the bad that comes with the good.  You'll now be part of a greater conversation but there's a chance you attract conversations you don't want to be a part of.

So this feature went live today.  Let's watch as the drama unfolds...or doesn't unfold.  I still expect to see some backlash by the time the day is out.

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