Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lessons In A/V 3: 3rd Strike

I knew it was only a matter of time before ordering stuff direct from China would burn me. I've been keeping you guys up to date on my attempts to get a signal from my new computer to a TV since my new computer doesn't have an S-Video port. The solution I eventually came to is that I needed a specific device. You know the old saying: good, fast, cheap, pick two? I thought I was going with the good and cheap option. Here is it, direct from China:

First problem, the output isn't stellar at all. It's passable. It's the second problem that really seals the deal for me. After a while, my computer loses the signal to the converter resulting in whatever I was projecting in the extended desktop being relocated to my main. This is unacceptable for what I need to use this computer for. Looks like I better bite the bullet and buy "American" (I only say that because most of our stuff comes from China, Taiwan, etc...but at least this way I get a warranty and technical support).

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