Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Android on the PC? There's An App For That.

I've been playing with BlueStacks for a while.  I tried it a bit when it was in the alpha version but it was buggy and didn't work very well.  The beta version is a vast improvement.  So far I've only gotten a couple Android Apps but they work really well with the power of a PC behind them.  Take a look at the video and see if you too would like to be a beta tester.


  1. I love this comment left on the YouTube site:

    "i am trying to use bluestacks with vmware in my mac."

    is that an Android VM operating on a Windows VM running On a Mac?

    The mind reels........

  2. Judging from the comments and what I've played with so far the application still has a ways to go. It's better than the alpha version but it's still got its fair share of bugs.