Monday, May 14, 2012

The Karaoke Report 5-14-2012 / I Like That

Fatty's got it's wind back last night.

Songs That Made The Bar Sing

Pour Some Sugar On Me, Def Leppard

Epic Awesomesauce Moment of The Night

Two words: Body shots.

WTF Moment of the Night

I've never seen someone butcher Money For Nothing by Dire Straits like that.  Fortunately I was there to help out and we all had fun regardless.  That's what karaoke is all about. ;)

Buzzkill Moment of the Night

An Australian requested a song near closing but couldn't remember the name of the song or the artist.  All he could say was it's "by that black bitch that got smacked around by her boyfriend".  He was referring to Rihanna and the song was We Found Love.  I didn't let him off easy.  I told him that his description was kinda messed up and made him by shots for all present as penance.

Random Party Pics

I did get kinda carried away on the pics last night.

4 Years of DJing:  I Like That

In recognition of four years playing around with DJ software (I really do have a hard time referring to myself as a DJ.  Karaoke is more my speed), I'll be posting regularly this week on songs that are part of my story in this biz.  First up since I'm sticking this in as part of my karaoke's The Song:

Sound familiar?  If you've been to my karaoke show it should.  It's been my opening theme for karaoke since Summer 2010.  I heard this song in a scene from one of my favorite television showsHere's the clip that started it all.

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