Thursday, April 26, 2012

MSN Thinks We're In Latin America

Hey there Caribbean Hotmail and MSN users!  Bet you were surprised yesterday when all of a sudden Microsoft started redirecting you to their Latin America site.  Well you weren't alone.  In fact some of your are probably noticing it just now.  The only explanation for this being that something recently happen to make Microsoft start redirecting us to Latin America.  Could be them, could be us.  Who knows (I think it's them).  I do know it's REALLY FREAKING ANNOYING.

I took a few minutes to look at what's going on.  I did an Internet Protocol check and we're listed as Country: UNITED STATES, Region: VIRGIN ISLANDS.  This is why I suspect the change occurred at Microsoft.  So what can we do?

Fortunately I found a way around the problem.  If you're blankly starting at the MSN Latin America home page right now look for this:

That should take you directly to the US MSN home page.  If you can't find that you can just click the link I've provided.  If you're lucky, your browser will keep that as the default but I'd bookmark that link anyway just to be sure.  It's rather unfortunate though that MSN isn't playing as nice as their counterparts.  They give you the option of defaulting to their main page.  MSN seems iffy on this.

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