Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Early Birthday Gift

Yeah, I probably paid too much for it but it wasn't too expensive so I went for it.  This is what I got:

Yes, I got that very color. :)

So you're probably thinking "It's just a bluetooth headset.  What's so geeky about that?".  Muhahahahahaaaaaa!  If that's what  you're thinking you don't know me very well.  It's the reason that I bought it is what makes it geeky.

I mentioned earlier in my blog that I'm an avid DC Universe Online player on the PS3.  Well I've been hooked up with a league for a while now (think guilds in World of Warcraft).  We do raids, alerts, etc. and generally help each other reach higher levels.  Communication is key in the game and sometimes taking the time to use the built in keyboard is just too slow and cumbersome.  Not to mention while you're typing your character just hangs there...waiting...all vulnerable-like.  In the Player vs. Player phase this almost always got me killed.  So I've been looking at getting a microphone for my PS3 for a while now.

Here's the weird thing about the PS3: I'm constantly forgetting it's essentially a computer.  While there's a multitude of gear made specifically for it you can just as easily use other input devices designed for a computer.  After a quick Internet search I found that you can pretty much use any USB connected headphone as a mic simply by plugging it in.  I also discovered that any bluetooth headset will work with the PS3.

Took me a lot of tweaking last night but I finally got it too work.  Who knows, maybe if it takes I might actually pop back in Call of Duty: Black Ops. No wait.  On second thought, never mind.

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