Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Malware Targets Microsoft Update!

This is big, people.  The mother of all malware.  Someone has found a way to exploit the delivery system that Microsoft uses for their updates.  Here's the short version of what's going on.  When your computer checks for a Windows update there's a chance that a malware server posing as Microsoft will substitute their malicious software for the actual updates.  In a way, it's like going to the Post Office to pick up a package only the postman isn't really a postman and the package he's giving you isn't the one you're supposed to be getting.

Fortunately, security experts have gotten on this one pretty quick but there are still thousands of infected machines out there.  That's why it's important that you run the patch from Microsoft even if you regularly install your Windows updates.  Go here to download your patch.

Oh and if you don't know whether you're getting your updates or not, it'll be best if you turn on your Automatic Updates.  It's in your Control Panel or you can use Windows Help to search for "Automatic Updates".  That'll give you the right link.

Icons you should look out for in your taskbar signaling it's time to update:

Windows XP

Windows Vista/7

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