Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Not Available In Your Area

You like that?  You can make your own here.  Yahoo! recently decided to put the squeeze on some of their videos.  When I try to view them I get this cute blue smiley:

Booooo!  Booooo, Yahoo!  Why'd you guys lure me in with a cool and funny web series like Burning Love and then just yank it away from me?

Well, you guys know how I do.  Far be it from me to let something like this get in the way of my funny bone.  So I'm searching for ways to bypass this with free proxies seeming like the most popular method.  I think I burned through 10 of them before I gave up.  They either didn't work, gave me the same message or told me the video was no longer available (pretty sneaky, sis).

Then I started to get extreme looking at browser plugins and port blockers.  Yeah, forget I even mentioned any of that.

Finally, I found the answer I needed.  A quick, easy (and best of all FREE) solution that worked and I can share with the masses:  TunnelBear.  This app establishes a Virtual Private Network connection allowing you to browse the web as though you're doing it from the US or the UK.  The catch: you're capped at 500 megabytes of free usage.  I burned through 67 mb just to watch my one episode of Burning Love (it was about 9 minutes long).  If you're an avid Internet video watcher then you'll probably burn through that pretty fast.  However, if you have a Twitter account you can get an additional 1 gigabyte of usage.  Best of all you can do this every month to get the 1 gb.  Easy right?  You're welcome.

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