Friday, February 10, 2012

The Geek You Seek

So I woke up this morning feeling like I'm not being all the geek I can be. I share a lot of geek with my friends on Facebook but then what do I do? I lose it all under stupid shit like game request posts (thank goodness mobile apps filter that out). Then it dawns on me. BLOG!

Now, I'm not new to blogging. I just haven't been very consistent at it. When I first started, I had one that was the equivalent of an online diary. I learned reeeaaal fast that people tend to take that sort of thing (and me) way too seriously. I ditched that and later started a political blog. I haven't updated that thing since...well, I'd rather not say (it's a buzzkill for a a first entry; don't ask). It was great sharing my opinions on hot politics of the day. I even got a chance to blog from the 2008 Democratic National Convention. *sigh* Good times, good times. Maybe someday I'll get back to that. I've blogged for work (3 followers! Woohoo!). I even ran a blog that was nothing more than a list of shots (it sounds a lot more fun than it actually was).

So here I am with a brand new blog. This is the one that I promise is all about me and the sick, crazy shit that runs through my head at any given moment. I won't guarantee that you'll get to know me better, but you will get to know the things I like. AND you'll get it in much greater detail than I can provide on any social network site.

Ok! Ready, set......

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