Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trivia Thursday/Viral Video of the Week

Oh look, it's 2-4-Thursday!  LOL!  Yeah, I figured I'd just go ahead and combine these topics.  I'm trying my best just to post one thing a day so this helps immensely.

This Week's Trivia Question

In 1996, DC and Marvel Comics collaborated to bring fans DC vs. Marvel.  It ran for 3 issues and featured superhero match-ups.  During the run, several titles merged to form new comic books for just a single issue.  For example Wolverine and Batman merged to become Dark Claw.  What name did DC and Marvel combine to form?

Viral Video of the Week

I realize this is sort of cheating.  These are the same guys who did that Ellen video I posted two weeks ago (I realize I just started and I already slipped on the video of the week).  I've had this song in my head literally all week (Get money!  Get cash!). And yes, that's Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the beginning.

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