Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Toy

I generally don't listen to the radio. Occasionally I'm in the mood for it, but since there aren't any radio station here that regularly play my favorite genre (Electronica), I have to rely on my trusty iPod. Since my car came out before digital music really took off I don't have a line-in port or a USB link (the horror, THE HORROR). I did find the next best thing though: FM transmitters. And boy I've been through a bunch of them. By my count, I've blazed my way through 5 of them already (I really like Electronica. DON'T JUDGE ME!).
Well, here's the new member of the family:

That's the RadioPlay 300 and so far I really like it. So far the FM signal is stronger than my previous transmitters. There are three presets but it's easy to tune it to whatever station you want. Given that we have a buttload of stations coming out of Puerto Rico, you kind of have to tune it anyway. It's also more expensive than the ones I had before but I find you really do get what you pay for. Given that it's a Monster Cable product I expect it'll be a while if ever before this one suffers the same fate as my last transmitter (frayed cable).

1 comment:

  1. I have too, I hardly listen to the radio anymore, they talk so much crap on the radio and don't play enough music.

    The transmitters are so expensive down here. So I normally purchase mines on

    If I am not playing my I pod/I phone,I am using Pandora stations. No commercials just straight music.
    Occasionally I pickup stations in Puerto Rico or something the air tracking controller,especially on a clear day or on a clear night.