Friday, July 13, 2012

Dell...Every Once In A While...

Dear Dell:

I know I've given you guys a lot of shit over the years.  When people ask me if I'd recommend you, you're usually at the bottom of my top 3 list.  Lenovo and HP occupy those spots respectively.  I base my recommendations based on 1). Support Options, 2) Variety and Customization and 3) Historical Performance.  It's in that third category you guys usually let me down.  Why?  Because whenever I order a Dell with say a 3-year warranty, I can time without fail when something on that particular Dell is going to screw up (HINT: It's right around the 3 year mark).

Well today I've got kudos for you guys and it's for item #1.  See I've got in my possession here a rather old Dell Precision M70 and a video card I needed to replace.  Now I don't need to tell you guys that trying to take apart an unfamiliar laptop is just about as awkward as your "first time".  However, unlike some of the other models I've had the pleasure of disassembling you guys have illustrations and procedures available on your website on how to do it.

Now guys, this isn't going to move you up in my top 3 spot (I'm sure you're all broken up about that).  But your cred has risen a bit with me.  Make a decent Android Tablet and maybe I'll bump you to #2. :)

The Renegade Geek

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