Monday, July 2, 2012

The Karaoke Report 7-2-12

We thought for sure St. John Carnival would steal our thunder, but we sure were wrong.  Just another crazy night over at Fatty's and even crazier at Johhny's Inn on Friday for their final karaoke show before shutting down.  Here's the rundown.

WTF Moment of the Weekend

I had to expand this to the entire weekend since I did two gigs.  On Friday I did Johnny's Inn and it was the last karaoke show they'll ever have since the place is closing.  Here's the trend though that has me going WTF:  People coming super late and then bribing me to put in "just one more".  It's been a common thread this weekend and it has been limited mostly by my physical ability to keep the show going.  Guys, just so you know I love you all.  Saying that I gotta tell you it takes a special kinda patience to be a karaoke host and even the best of us has limits.  Mine were thoroughly stretched this weekend.  I appreciate all the brib...ahem tips though!

Oh, one more thing.  My rotation rules, they're kinda important.  I wish people would read them once in a while.  Especially the one where I note that a duet counts a turn for both people.  People never really seem to quite get that one.  If you're dueting on three songs you've instantly pushed every other duet way to the bottom of the rotation.  I don't care if you put them all in the same time.  A duet is a duet and it's a turn for both of you.

My rules are a tiny bit more detailed but here are the basics:

  • The first singer to turn in a request will be the first to sing. All others will sing in the order in which their requests are received.
  • New singers will be placed at or near the top of the rotation. (This assures that everyone will get to sing at least once.)
  • Duets will count as one turn for each singer.
  • No person may have a second microphone without the permission of the singer who turned in the request.
  • Any person that is not ready to sing when their name is called will be placed at the bottom of the rotation. (I actually break this one pretty often but if you piss me off it will be enforced).
  • If a singer is not in the establishment when their name is called they will have their request thrown out. If they return later, and want to sing, they must fill out another request and be placed at the bottom of the rotation. (Same here)
  • Any singer who turns in requests under different names, in an attempt to defeat the rules of rotation, will not be allowed to sing for the remainder of the show. (It happens more than you think and yes, it's THAT serious)
Epic Awesomesauce Moment of the Weekend

The TIPS.  Lots of tips this weekend. :)

Buzzkill Moment of the Weekend

Puking out the one beer and bottle of water I had last night.  I made two mistakes last night.  The first was not having dinner.  The second was being on medication and not having dinner.  My stomach was none to pleased and literally brought me to my knees (hey that rhymes).  It also didn't help that I was still worn out from Friday's escapades (it was brutal folks).  For those of you that were actually there to witness me paying my respects to the wastebasket behind the bar (fortunately not that many sober people around to care besides Tony the bartender), I'm doing much better today.  Funny what a couple hours of bed rest can accomplish.

Random Party Pics

So look what I found just lying around doing nothing at home.
No that's not me holding it, blog heckler.
Memorex's MyVideo VGA Camera I bought like 2 years ago on sale at OfficeMax, used once and pretty much chucked it.  Thought I'd dust it off and mess around with it last night.

I'm going to need to play with the settings...

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