Tuesday, July 31, 2012

From Hero to XPRT

Over the weekend I bid a fond adieu to my HTC Hero.

*sigh* Good times...
My Hero jumped the shark when it could no longer support the Facebook app.  I tried out Friendcaster for a while and while it did perform better than the Facebook app it was sluggish and bulky.  Of course Facebook wasn't my sole reason for trading up.  The battery life of my phone had become atrocious and I was sick of not having space for my other apps.  With each new version of apps I already had they kept getting bigger to the point of having to sacrifice other apps to keep the ones I wanted most.  The buttons were show signs of overuse as I found I had to press harder to make certain things happen.  In short, I took a device that was already not top of the line and make it work for me for two whole years.

It was a fun ride though because Android is friggin' awesome (suck it, iPhone).  So naturally I had to keep that 'droid vibe going.  Meet XPRT.
I'll admit it: I went with the free phone option.  I'm a simple guy with not very many needs and at this point pretty much anything new was a improvement.  That doesn't mean I didn't do any research though.  Once I got down to my options I picked this phone for one main reason:  The 1 GHz processor.  Yes I'm aware they're making dual core smartphones.  No, I can't afford them. 

I've been playing with it a couple days now and I must admit I like it.  I don't miss the onscreen keyboard AT ALL.  The reviews don't speak well of the display but it's better than I what I had so no complaints.  It's got lots more space available for apps.  I'm not used to having as much space available to put them on the main navigation screens though.  The camera is leaps and bounds above what I had before (and I have a flash now).  The audio is quite loud compared to my last phone.

I predict I'll be having a lot of fun with this phone.  I'm not sure if I'm ready to attempt an OS update yet though.  I'm still doing research on that.  I'm also looking forward to exploring a new world of apps that I couldn't use before (old OS).  I'll keep you posted.

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