Friday, July 20, 2012

Office 2013 Is Coming

Microsoft is looking to pull all the stops in the latest incarnation of it's Office Suite.  I just had read an article on USAToday where they beta version is already under review.  Check the video from the article:

First the bad news, Office 2013 is only going to work on Windows 7 and 8.  If you're not on either by now, keep on getting intimate with Office 2010.  That's not entirely bad.  Support for legacy systems doesn't allow for taking advantage of emerging trends in technology like faster hard drives, memory, and cloud computing.  Cutting XP (and even Vista) loose was the right move.

Now the good stuff.  The major news in my book is 2013 will allow you to edit PDF documents.  In a way we're jumping the shark on PDF being an untouchable format that required special software to really mess with but do you have any idea how often I've been asked how to edit a PDF document?  A lot!  Adobe must be pissed!  Office is integrating a lot of cloud features into 2013 represented as Office 365.  Skydrive will be available for user's online storage and as Microsoft recently acquired Yammer they're going to be building that in too.

Office 2013 is supposed to really shine on Windows 8 with because there's much more integrated touch functionality.  Microsoft has been playing with touch features since Office 2007 but they're looking to make this one the most touch friendly version yet since they're trying desperately to find a place in the tablet market.  I expect Office 2012 to be just the killer app Microsoft needs to finally get everyone off of Windows XP.

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